Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hacking for future Job Opportunities

All the candidates who would like to make their career in ‘Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking’ field, have a great opportunity to learn this technology from the Industry leaders i.e. “Sedulity Solutions & Technologies’ and will also get the Certification from UGC Recognized University at a very affordable price.

This course introduced various concepts and terms which are most important in gaining an understanding of Cyber Security. It focuses on understanding different techniques for attaining access within computer systems and networks. The course begins by defining what is meant by Cyber Security and basic Networking Concepts and will take you through various technologies which will help you to identify the loopholes in technology that we use regularly.

This course helps to understand, what cyber security is all about and how to monitor whether we work on a secure system/ network or not? Participants will learn about, how the System Security gets compromised,  what are the loopholes available in our Operating System, how Malware attacks, how the E-mail Ids could be Hacked etc.
Our country requires more than 50000 Cyber Security experts to stop the cyber criminals. Now a days where Cyber crime is growing with the increased use of computers and Internet in the country, the manpower of Cyber Crime investigation Experts are in short supply. Hackers who have broken thousands of Websites by the end of year 20011 and make a record in Cyber Crime history, where in few of them are still unidentified because of less number of Security experts in our country.

With huge demand of the participants all across the world, we provide 4 different courses on Cyber Security which are as below;
Certificate in Cyber Security
Diploma in Cyber Security
Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security
Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security

The last date of Admission is 28th February 2012 (Without any Late Fees)
The last date of Admission is 10th March with Late fees of Rs.1000/- extra

Sedulity has few helpline numbers (+91-9312903095, +91-9811572430, +91-9860201117) to offer free consultation and guidance regarding the course and various job opportunities. You may also visit to get all the necessary details regarding the “Certified Cyber Security Professional” course.

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We are the ISO Certified Organization which provide Quality solutions related to Hi-Tech Trainings, Web Development, Security AMC's with Sedulity OS, P.D. IT Auditing, for Corporate, Law-Enforcement Agencies, Faculties & Students across the globe.

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  1. I think that anyone who is looking for the career in Cyber Security, Should take the Admission in Sedulity Groups for practical training and should take the certification from TMV.