Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sedulity Groups | Sedulity Solutions & Technologies

About Sedulity Groups

A channel to provide the best IT Solutions to Corporates, Law-Enforcement Agencies, Private/ Govt. Institutions etc. We offer Penetration Testing, IT Audits, Software/ Website Developments, Consultancies.

Company Overview
“SEDULITY SOLUTIONS & TECHNOLOGIES” is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization. It is a channel to provide the best Technical Solutions to various Corporate, Law-Enforcement Agencies, Private/ Govt. Institutions etc. We offer innovative technical solutions with an in-depth security & Legal countermeasures that has helped various Govt. and Private sector professionals, to provide advanced knowledge in terms of securing their Networks. Our Expertise Team has been well recognized with their excellent performance many times in everything it undertakes, be it Penetration Testing, IT Audits, E-Learning Solutions, Website Developments, Cyber Security AMC’s via Sedulity OS, Consultancies and Hi- Tech Trainings, Placement Activities, etc.

Our Vision
We want nothing less than a completely technology-enabled environment in which everyone would take full advantage of Technology to meet their goals. We are completely surrounded with the IT community in all aspects of life. At SEDULITY we provide — Academics, Cyber security, Career Planning, Personality Development, Solutions, Correspondence Courses etc…

General Information
********Sedulity Solutions and Technologies*********

Contact Info Sedulity Groups


:Phone Nos.
-> +91 9312903095
-> +91 9811572430

310, Suneja Tower - II, District Centre, Janak Puri,
New Delhi - 110058, India.

********Sedulity Solutions and Technologies*********
Our Mission is to educate leaders who will make a difference in the world. We thrive in a climate of experimentation, change, and learning that is stretching the boundaries of the use of IT in higher education. We focus on providing Hi-Tech Education, Industrial Exposure, Personality Development, E-Learning's, Upgrading student's skills, in depth practical industry experience, brilliant skill set and quality education.
********Sedulity Solutions and Technologies*********

Sedulity Operating System, is an exclusive creation to break your Limitations from Pirated Operating System. Sedulity OS gives you the power to do everything that you do on other Operating Systems like Web Browsing, Emails, Documentation, spreadsheets, Multimedia and ultimately its a user friendly OS.

- Operating System
• Sedulity Operating System for Corporate
• Sedulity Operating System for Ethical Hackers
• Sedulity Operating System for Cyber Forensics
• Sedulity Operating System for Developers
• Sedulity Operating System for Gamers

- Sedulity Anti-Worm Tool
Anti-worm has multiple meanings within the field of computer security . It can be a piece of software designed to protect against computer worms , combining the features of anti-virus software and a personal firewall . It can also mean a worm designed to do something that its author feels is helpful.
- Sedulity USB Drive Controller

For More Information about Sedulity Products
********Sedulity Solutions and Technologies*********
********Sedulity Solutions and Technologies*********

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