Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sedulity Operating System | Developer Edition

Sedulity OS (Developers Edition), is an exclusive creation that helps the entire Community of Coders, Programmers, and Web Developers where they can focus on their productivity with almost all the Programming Languages Pre-Deployed in it. “Sedulity OS-Developers Edition” is meant for all kind of Open Source Developers, where they’ll get all the resources in a DVD. The users of this edition find it more beneficial as they find all the latest version of different Open Source Programming Languages, Editors, and Compilers, which are very helpful in the field of Application and Web Development.
It is the most Secure Operating System where programmers or developers feel more confident, that their Application source code or projects would not get hacked by any external source or compromised by any attacks. It helps them to do every possible hit and trial in a Single Desktop or Machine where they can work as a client, or Web Server, File Server, Database Server etc. or all at same point of time.
“Sedulity OS-Developers Edition” is a One Stop Solution, which helps every Developer and Development organization to minimize the cost and time and to focus on End-to-End delivery. No matter you wanted to do develop applications on C or C++ platform or wanted to develop huge Web Portals on CMS, you’ll find every possible solution with additional software, Pre-Deployed in this edition. Sedulity OS comes with Live DVD, Professional Installation Support and is compatible with almost all the major Hardware providers.

  • High Graphics Support with catchy looks with multiple panels.
  • Virus Free OS.
  •  Latest Internet Application Support like: Firefox, Opera, Skype, Online PC Sharing support, Pidgin (Multi Chat Messenger Support) etc.
  •  Latest Open Office Applications, PDF Creator & many other Softwares support for daily use.
  • Live DVD with Installation support.
  • Virtualization Support.
  • More User Friendly than other Linux versions.
  • Support of Rar & other Archieve files, You Tube videos Downloader, and Inbuilt Torrent Downloader is also available.
  • Support for almost Windows & other Linux Distro package installation like Red Hat, Slackware etc.
  • Preinstalled Servers Like Apache Web Server, MySQL Server with PHP MyAdmin, FTP Server, XAMPP Server, Samba Server, SMTP & Many More....
  • Hardware Independent, Wired/Wi-Fi Network support.
Category Features (Developers):
Additional Programming Softwares available in this edition, apart from the above mentioned features are mentioned as below;
  • General Editors
  • C/C++ Tools
  • Content Management Systems
  • Java Tools
  • PASCAL Tools
  • Perl Tools
  • PHP Tools
  • Python Tools
  • LISP Tools
  • Ruby Tools
  • SQL Tools
  • Servers & Many More....
System Requirements:
To use the live DVD, you should have a PC with at least 512 MB of RAM and at least 10 GB of Disk Space to install it.
This Operating System is developed under GPL. It is provided without any implied or express warranty. All of the firm’s name or Logo referred in this OS; in particular to Sedulity Solutions & Technologies are the Trademarks in accordance with the relevant national laws. All other Trademarks of different Third party Applications or Softwares are the property of their respective owners.

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